The prerequisites of productivity

Being masters of our own work schedule means we need to take extra care to stay on top of our tasks, and avoid falling into an abyss of extra-long lunches and obscure Wikipedia links. Dimokratis Karamanlis and Tal Dankovich share some important prerequisites for working productively and why you should implement these in your routine.


Four Rules for Better Data Visualization in Science

When we read good publications or see an impressive talk, we often overlook the fact that a lot of successful scientific communication can be contributed to good Data Visualization. Knowing how to successfully transform a scientific message into a graphic is a profitable skill (to say the least). Salma Sohrabi-Jahromi, a PhD in the Computational Biology group at the MPIbpc shares four rules for good visualization of scientific data.


How I use Mendeley to organize my papers

With the flood of literature we're exposed to during a Phd, finding and organizing papers becomes a science in itself. We've all developed our own protocols for managing references, but it's important to make sure that they actually save us time in the long term rather than wasting it. Tal Dankovich shares her system for managing papers using Mendeley and some tips on using the app.


Göttingen in May: Things to do, culture, events

Winter may be coming to Westeros, but spring is coming to Göttingen, and with its arrival there are zero excuses for staying indoors. Ronja Markworth shares events and things to do in the city during May. This month we have a march for science, the International Händel Festival, a Frühlingslauf through the city, and many more!


Stipend vs. contract – points to consider

If you're offered a contract with your institution, but you're also wondering whether you should apply for a stipend - there are a few things you may want to consider beforehand. Linda Olsthoorn summarises some useful information about contracts vs. external funding sources.