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Hello everyone and welcome back to Things to do in Göttingen.

I hope you all had a lovely August full of joyful summer activities.

My August turned out to be quite different than what I had planned seeing as I broke my wrist halfway through (the editor, who hosted the event during which this happened, apologises once again and is thoroughly impressed by the submission of a typed post).

Talk about a bummer in my summer plans.

So, instead of cycling through the Swiss Alps and drinking champagne in, well, the Champagne, I got a proper tour of the insides of the UMG Klinikum (yay me!). Lucky for you though, that means I had a lot of time to think about things for you to do in September.

You know how you always crave the things that you can’t have? For example, when I lived in Canada, I constantly craved Kräuterquark (don’t ask me why) but then as soon as I returned to Germany, the mere fact that I could have it whenever I wanted was enough to satisfy my craving. For the last few weeks, I have quite literally been craving things that are out of my reach, so unsurprisingly, my list of things to do in September is all about activities that require two healthy hands!

ARTNIGHTS have come to Göttingen! ARTNIGHTS are evenings were you simply go to a bar or restaurant to paint.

As far I can tell, all ARTNIGHTS in Göttingen are hosted at Café & Bar Celona, and they happen almost daily. You can check online what motive will be painted on which date. Then, you simply show up, find an empty canvas and start painting your very own masterpiece under the guidance of an artist.

My friends in Canada used to go to these types of events quite a lot, and according to them, the main attraction was usually on the wine that they consumed during the painting. However, looking through the paintings that will be done here in Göttingen, I have a feeling there might be some serious work ahead of you, but I’m sure it will be fun nonetheless. Plus, the instructors guarantee that you do not need any prior experience in the fine arts, so it can’t be too difficult.

Although 34€ might not make this the cheapest event, all of the fancy artsy materials are included (though drinks unfortunately not). So it might be something you would gift to a friend and then go together, rather than a weekly commitment. And maybe if you go once and end up loving it, you can always organize your own low-cost version! Buy some canvases and cheap arts supplies (at NANU-NANA, for example), a few bottles of wine and invite all of your friends over to follow a Youtube tutorial on a painting (extra credit if you follow a Bob Ross tutorial!).


Continuing the artsy theme, another thing you could do (and which also leaves you with something to gift to someone – hey, Christmas is right around the corner!) is to paint your own porcelain at Paint your Style in Göttingen (Barfüßerstraße).

The way this works is you go to the store and select the item you want to paint (they have a whole range of items from tiny figures of animals, to bowls, mugs and vases). You purchase your item of choice and then sit down to get creative (the price depends on the item, but also includes painting supplies). You can use their stencils for a more conservative result or go completely freestyle with something realistic or maybe slightly more abstract. Whatever your heart desires.

Usually, there are no time restrictions and you can simply come back if you didn’t manage to finish your work in a single session. Once you’re all done, you just leave your precious piece of art for the shopkeepers to lace and burn. Then you pick it up all lovely and ready to be used or gifted to your bestie for Christmas.

I am sorry for this very elaborate, very artistic Things to do in September, but hey, it’s what I am longing to do right now, so do it for me 😉

Of course, we also have other stuff going on in Göttingen in September. There is the Soundcheck festival with concerts happening on the 12th – 14th of September. You can find the artists joining this year here. As far as I understand it, you purchase tickets to individual concerts, some of which are already sold out. However, you can always try to buy a ticket on the night of the show at the venue.

Last but not least, on the 28th – 29th September, the annual Göttingen Gänseliesel fest and Genuss Meile will take place. If you’re a fan of German food, you should come to the inner city to taste and buy some local delicacies. You can also have the chance to witness the selection of Göttingen’s newest Goose Girl! In case you didn’t know this crucial part of city culture, every year a girl between the ages of 18-29 is selected as the face of the city and is required to “commit herself to be available for public and representative appointments during her term of office”. None of us are really sure what this means, but the important part is that there are live performances and fun stands around the city, and the shops are open for a few hours on Sunday 29th!

With that (and considering that everything I write right now takes forever), I think you have enough to potentially do in September that is not pipetting stuff from left to right!

Ronja Markworth

PhD candidate, Neuroscience, University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG)

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