Göttingen in November: Things to do, culture, events

Welcome to the dark seasons of the year.

I hope you all enjoyed some lovely Halloween celebrations, including scary decor and home-made costumes. And I sincerely hope that some of you managed to take the 1st of November off and enjoy the long holiday weekend.

During the last weekend of October the clocks turned back an hour, which means that on the one hand we get to wake up with some daylight, but on the other hand it gets dark around five in the afternoon. What does this mean? It’s time to get cosy at home. So unpack your Christmas lights, turn on your heaters and make sure to have your fuzziest slippers and plenty of hot chocolate on hand.

To lift your spirits even further, I once again compiled a list of things that will let you enjoy life outside of the lab.

November is the month for Jazz lovers! Göttingen’s 42nd Jazz festival will take place from the 2nd – 10th November. However, if you browse the entire Gottingen Jazz festival booklet (linked here), you will find out that there will be Jazz events throughout the entire month of November. During this time, Göttingen will host multiple Jazz artists and concerts (for which you can buy tickets individually or get day passes).


As part of the festival, there will be Jazz shows and Jazz-themed evenings in bars all over the city (even at the Klinikum), and three stages in parallel at the Junges Theater.

In addition, on the 4th and 5th at 17:30, Lumiere will be showing the Jazz-inspired movie As Time Goes By in Shanghai – a documentary about six Chinese Grandpa-musicians on their tour to the biggest Jazz-festival in Rotterdam.

Here is a small selection of the musical delicacies offered:

  • Jazz breakfast on November 3rd at the UMG starting at 11:00 with the Swing Club Cats (2€ plus breakfast).
  • Musa is offering a Tuesday Night Hop, a Lindy Hop workshop starting at 20:00 that will teach you how to groove to the Old-time Jazz tunes.
  • On Thursday the 7th at 19:00 at KIM Kultur Göttingen’s youngest quintett Klinker Project will perform (seriously though, they don’t look older than 12 on that picture). Entrance is free of charge so you have nothing to lose!
  • On Friday and Saturday the 8th and 9th of November from 19:15 you can visit the Junges Theater at the grand stage, the Studio or the cellar for a fun night of Jazz music.

Now for a hard shift in gears: On November 16th Sartorius is hosting its Augmented Reality Workshop themed WORK LIFE SPACE – an evening of philosophy and arts all about working spaces, including dance and musical performances, and talks by astrophysicists and interior designers. I honestly have no idea what this is supposed to be but there are shuttles leaving from Friedrichstraße 3 from 19:00 onwards to the newly built Sartorius Forum. (Sign up with tamara@startraum-goettingen.de for the shuttle). And please let me know if you went because the description honestly sounds like they were high when they wrote it!

Okay, but coming back from modern spacey workshops to some real warm treats in November (although maybe it’s only a treat for me since I am basically a lizard and my body temperatures is determined by external temperatures, which have been very low lately).

November is the month for the Sauna! Yes that’s right, Finnish Sauna, a room that is heated up to around 90°C so that you can sit in your own sweat and feel your cold blood is slowly turning into a warm liquid that reaches your tiny heart up until the point where you feel like your brain is going to melt and steam is coming out of your nose and you finally feel like you can feel again after the PhD has drained you (Yes I am cold a lot, thank you for asking). Note from the editor: *insert here emoji with worried expression and a single drop of sweat*

The FIZ has its own Sauna that you can visit by purchasing a fancy gym membership or a one-time ticket to the pool. If you feel like treating yourself to something special that actually fells like a trip to the Spa, then go and check out Eiswiese. Their Sauna area is quite impressive, and you have several different Sauna options to choose from (12€ for Students under 30).


And last but not least the highlight of the month, and (spoiler alert) the theme of the December post: on November 27th the Göttinger Christmas market opens! That’s right, the time for endless cold-feet and Glühwein is finally upon us! So go and put your warmest shoes on, and try to find the best Glühwein spot in town.

Until the next time, enjoy the cold outside the lab!

Ronja Markworth

PhD candidate, Neuroscience, University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG)

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