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Happy March everyone, I hope you are all well and healthy and are as excited for a lovely Spring-month as I am (okay, I’ll admit it, my good mood is due to the lovely sunshine today, if I had written this post two days ago it would have sounded a lot gloomier).

But today the sun shines, the days are getting longer, the birds are chirping and by the end of the Month it will officially be spring time. Now what can one do this lovely month?

O the 3rd March the Reparaturcafé opens it doors again between 17-19:00 in the Stadtteilbüro Leineberg, Allerstraße 32. The idea is that you can bring your broken appliances and fix them with the help of some professional McGyvers while having some coffee and cake. The Reparaturcafé tries to reduce the unnecessary waste that is produced when people throw out their broken stuff despite it being easily fixable, which I think is a very cool concept. Plus, you’ll even learn something by repairing it yourself! Since Göttingen is full of poor students, who often can’t afford shiny new things, this is a good address to remember. The Café usually hosts these events once a month. So go and save that toaster from 1987 that you picked up from a pile that your neighbor was getting rid of!

Since the Corona-Virus has now also reached Germany and will no doubt reach Göttingen at one point or another (I mean Göttingen is full of scientists travelling all the time) I thought that rather than giving in to the mass panic that has led to Italy’s supermarkets being raided, I’d add a fun twist to the whole thing and give you four things to do if you end up being quarantined at home for two weeks:

  • Make Pralines! So my friend gave me this praline kit for Christmas, and it turns out that making pralines is actually very fun. You can also make them without a kit – all you need is some chocolate and Internet access. So why are two weeks of quarantine perfect for this? Because making pralines requires practice. You need to temper the chocolate right, which takes some time to perfect, you can do different fillings until you find your signature one, and there are quite a few cooling steps in between which you could conveniently spread out over several days
  • Learn to crochet! You might think that crocheting is old-fashioned, but it is a great hobby to have when you’re stuck at home since all you need is a crochet hook and some wool. You can get started on your hat and scarf for next winter, or if you’re feeling a little more ambitious, you can even get started on a blanket. If you’re looking for something that gives you instant gratification, you can start making small amigurumis (small crocheted dolls) – you can find great patterns online for almost any character imaginable. For example, this neuron:
  • Try some fancy ass recipes (okay yes, you caught me, I do like food). So I recently found some of the recipes from the TV-show “Masterchef”, and I actually really enjoyed trying some of them. Yes, you have to be careful to pick the right one to re-create (I mean who has a smoke gun at home??). But it is actually a lot of fun to try something new and something super ambitious. Let’s be real, you probably won’t be able to recreate the most intricate thing on your first try, and your dish will certainly look more like a dish from “Nailed it!” rather than from “Masterchef”, but it’s all about the fun 😉 You can even put a timer on for the extra dash of excitement.

  • Start painting. Whether it is Aquarelle or acrylic paint, or even just crayons or pencils, go and find that inner child again. So almost every kid that I know within the age range of “being able to hold a pencil” to “not being in high school yet” (I am really bad at estimating age in actual years) loves to paint. And yes, you also meet older people who paint as a hobby and actually get really good at it, but why does everyone else have to stop? So, get your crayons out and let your creativity run wild on that piece of paper. Just remember that you were once proud of every stick figure you produced! Who knows, there might be a tiny Vincent van Gogh inside of you
Datei:Van Gogh - Starry Night - Google Art Project.jpg
Google Art Project

I hope I’ve given you a silver lining to being quarantined at home. Obviously, please disregard all of this if you actually are sick and get the rest you need! I hope you will stay healthy and have fun to get crafty.

Ronja Markworth

PhD candidate, Neuroscience, University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG)

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