Göttingen in April: Things to do, culture, events

Ok guys, it’s time to focus a bit on life outside the lab (yes, I know it is a strange concept but believe me, it does exist). Now, I know that many of you might not think that Göttingen has a lot to offer in the leisure department, and you may be right about that.

But today let’s explore all the things that Göttingen does have to offer this April.


Throughout all of April, there will be an exhibition of Gerhard Haderer’s favorite cartoons and caricatures. Haderer is an Austrian satire artist known for his critical works on today’s society. Since his work speaks for itself you won’t need any German skills to enjoy it.

You can find the exhibit at Altes Rathaus, Markt 9, 37073 Göttingen. It will be open Tuesdays to Sundays from 11:00 till 17:00 (4€ entrance fee, 2€ reduced).

Images by Gerhard Haderer via

If you’re not into paying, the
Künstlerhaus im Lichtenberghaus (Gotmarstraße 1) offers free entry to all of their art exhibitions. For example, from April 7th onwards, you can check out Julia Lia Walter’s installation titled “Inner Blaze” combining analog and digital art.

Image by Julia Lia Walter


For some more mainstream entertainment, the Cinemaxx is apparently doing a DiCaprio special in April, with a screening of the Great Gatsby on the 1st of April, the Wolf of Wallstreet on the 18th and the Revenant on the 22nd, all in English.

In addition (and in case you didn’t already know), on the first Tuesday of each month, there is a sneak preview showing of a movie in English.

The deal is that you get to see a movie before it’s released, but you don’t find out which one until you’ve paid (5,99€) and are sitting in the movie theatre. It’s a fairly nice concept since you often get to see movies you wouldn’t have necessarily chosen to watch yourself, but it’s a bit of a gamble. It makes for an interesting evening nonetheless.

The next sneak preview will be on April 2nd at 19:45 (Cinemaxx).

Last but not least for movie events, we have the 6th International Ocean Film Tour on the 9th of April, also showing at the Cinemaxx. This event is a compilation of short documentary films from all over the ocean. The footage normally includes breathtaking underwater material, as well as a fair share of clips of water sports and expositions of problematic issues like water pollution.

The last years have been a great mix of funny, serious and absolutely gorgeous clips that leave you with a big urge to go for a swim in the sea. You can preorder tickets online for 17,50€.


If going to the movies isn’t really your thing, the Göttinger Symphony Orchester has quite a few offers for April as well. Students under 27 years of age can buy tickets in advance for 10€, and 30 minutes before each show (upon availability) for 5€. Concerts will take place on April 4th, 25th and 26th in the Aula am Wilhelmsplatz, on April 7th in the Deutsche Theater and on April 29th at the Altes Rathaus.

There’s a variety of concerts in rotation, including a concert of Vienna-inspired classics and a cultural encounter with Spain. So check out which one speaks to you the most.

Another great opportunity to catch some classical music (and this one is even for free) is the Klassik im Klinikuma classical concert held on the first Wednesday of every other Month. This will happen on April 3rd at 19:00, in the Andachtsraum in Bettenhaus II on the ground floor of the Klinikum (who’d have thought). April’s concert features the pianist Serra Tavsanli, who will perform pieces by Scarlatti and Chopin.

At the end of April, Göttingen has a special treat to offer, On April 28th there will be a performance of the musical show “BEAT IT!” at the Lokhalle. The clue is in the title – this is a musical show about the King of pop himself, Michael Jackson, that celebrates his music over the span of his career.

More events

For some free and purely entertaining events, the Queen’s Head pub hosts a Pub Quiz on the last Saturday of every month, at 17:00 (so this one comes out April 27th). These quizzes are organized by volunteers and you’re only required to purchase a drink at the bar while spending an evening realizing how little you know about things that are not lab-related. It is a fun and humbling experience, and all in English.

The Irish Pub (the wild geese) has a similar event weekly every Thursday at 19:30, they also host Karaoke nights on Sundays after 21:00.

On April 28th, during the day (11-17:00), Kauf Park is hosting the German-Dutch fabric market, which is a great opportunity for anyone interested in sewing to get their hands on some nice fabric. I understand that this event only speaks to a very specific audience, but these markets truly are amazing if you’re in need of fabric.

For everyone else, you can go and enjoy watching cyclists torture themselves during the Tour d’Energy, a bicycle race that offers a 45 and a 100 km course for cyclists. I know it’s a Sunday and it starts in the morning, but for some reason these big sports events always leave you in a good mood, even if you’re just watching (did someone say Schadenfreude?).

Cyclists are expected to arrive from 11:30 (45 km) and from 13:15 (100 km) onwards at the finishing line at the Bürgerstraße/Reinhäuser Landstraße (close to the Neue Rathaus).

On the evening of April 28th at 19:00 at the Junges Theater you can also enjoy a Poetry Slam for 8€, although unfortunately – this will most certainly be in German.

Last but not least on the 29th of April, Nörgelbuff is hosting an open stage night, so if any of you would like to perform this is your chance. Just remember to let us know before, so we can come and support you.  

I hope I inspired you to at least consider having a life outside your lab in Göttingen, if you end up going to any of the events mentioned, let us know what you thought.

Drop us a line if you stumble across any other event that you think your peers might enjoy, or if you just want to share how you spend your time outside of the lab.

Ronja Markworth

PhD candidate, Neuroscience, University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG)

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    The main issue turns out when you don’t have anyone to go to these events with because apparently you somehow thought you should enjoy the time of your life but the rest of your colleagues are still stuck inside the lab. 😀

    1. Ronja

      It is not always easy to convince people about the (b)right side of life outside of the lab 😉 Feel free to post on our facebook page @summacumliesel if you want to go to one of the events and are looking for fellow PhD students to join.

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