Göttingen in February: Things to do, culture, events

With Christmas far behind and Easter well ahead, we need to be a little bit more active in taking a break. And who says you have to leave the University walls to enjoy your free time? This February, take advantage of all the things that Göttingen University has to offer, including tours, museums, and the 3-minute-thesis competition :)


Göttingen in November: Things to do, culture, events

November is Jazz month in Göttingen! Grab your friends and your dancing shows and enjoy live performances and events all over the city. And when you're not out jazzing, you can start building up your cold tolerance for the event we anticipate all year starting on the last weekend of the month - the Christmas Market :D


Göttingen in May: Things to do, culture, events

Winter may be coming to Westeros, but spring is coming to Göttingen, and with its arrival there are zero excuses for staying indoors. Ronja Markworth shares events and things to do in the city during May. This month we have a march for science, the International Händel Festival, a Frühlingslauf through the city, and many more!

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