About the blog

Summa cum Liesel is a blog for sharing PhD experiences, advice, and of course – science.

The blog is mostly aimed at Life Sciences PhDs living or studying in Göttingen. However, most of the content is applicable to any PhD student in Germany, in the world, or anyone interested in biology for that matter.

The goal is to make a platform for students to communicate freely and openly about any topic related to PhD life. This includes showcasing our science, sharing practical knowledge and expertise we have accumulated (including the difficulties), and also – just getting to know each other better.

The posts cover the following topics:

  • Science showcase
  • PhD advice
  • Life outside the lab
  • Meet the PhDs
  • Good to know

If you’re a student, alumnus, post-academic professional, or someone else interesting, and you want to try your hand at writing a post – contact us at contact@summacumliesel.com.

Don’t be discouraged by lack of writing experience. It doesn’t need to be (and shouldn’t be) anything fancy! Just a short –max 1500 words– conversion of thoughts to text. There’s also editing included.

Blog managers

The blog is managed by a group of PhD candidates from IMPRS Neuroscience program:

  • Tal Dankovich – chief editor (and stick figures)
  • Linda Olsthoorn – editor
  • Ronja Markworth – editor
  • Myrto Panopoulou – editor, photography
  • Niko Sirmpilatze – webpage design

Cover art by Yi-Tse Liu.