Göttingen in August: Things to do, culture, events

Welcome back everyone, I hope your July was as enjoyable as mine was.

I know this might not be entirely fair coming from someone whose office in a very new, very air-conditioned building, but I am loving this heatwave! Yes, I know it is probably an indication of climate change, and I also know that a lot of people less fortunate than myself are suffering in their old, oxygen-deprived institutes. But anyhow, I am a fan 😀

I took advantage of the wonderful weather to make long cycling trips over the weekend, and spent my mid-week evenings in the garden, either working or just sipping a cold drink with my feet in the kiddy pool.

Hopefully August will bring us equally nice weather, and you will all be able to spend your weekly evenings out in the open with friends. Be it at a bar, at the bank of the Leine or on your balcony, nice weather is always an invitation to do something fun.

So, for the August edition of Things to do in Göttingen, I will feature something to do on every weekend of the month for all of the poor souls who will not be on holiday during this summer.

Starting with the first weekend (3-4th of August):

On the 3rd of August you can enjoy Nabucco – Klassik Open Air at the Schlossplatz in HannMünden. Now, I know that this article is technically called ‘Things to do in Göttingen’, but for the first weekend of August you can opt for one of the car sharing opportunities or a regional train and spend the day in HannMünden. Tickets are still available for one of Verdi’s best known Operas, performed under the open sky.

If you aren’t such an opera fan (although this is a particularly good entry-level one) you may still want to open a map and choose a small town around Göttingen to visit. Take a car, a train or your bicycle and see how the people around you live.


On the second weekend of August, you should definitely check out downtown Göttingen! You think that’s a little bit dull? You might have a point, but you should still make sure to go to the farmer’s market on Saturday morning and support your fellow city-dwellers by purchasing some fresh, local produce. Afterwards you could meet some friends for a nice brunch.

You might also consider checking out the grand opening of the Vinyl-Reservat Café on Rote Straße 17. Apparently, in addition to buying and selling vinyls, this place also wants to start selling you some hipster coffee. It will also offer a stage for musical performances from now on. So, why not attend on opening day to grab a calendar of the shows while sipping some fresh brew and browsing vinyls. Don’t forget to oil your beard beforehand.

From the 16th-17th of August Göttingen will host the Open Air Festival “Musik im Wald” in the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Park. To be perfectly honest, I have never heard of any of these performers before (though names of artists are not my strong suit in general) but hopefully if they’re being featured here that means they are good, right? Do let me know about your experience if you end up going. There will be free bus shuttles leaving from downtown every 15 minutes.

After another busy (yet successful) PhD work week, you should sleep in on Friday the 23rd August and get ready for some crazy, small town fun over the weekend. On Saturday the 24th August you should most certainly take participate in Göttingen’s Duckling-race.

Yes, you have probably already seen these rubber ducks being sold all over the city. You can purchase one yellow rubber duck for 3€s. Those ducks will then race one another (for charity, of course). The first race starts at 11:00 and the ducklings can waddle until around 15:00. You can win great prizes, honor and endless glory if your duck is amongst the fastest or the prettiest. So, get your buddies together, buy a lab-duck/post-duck and cheer for your little yellow friend.


For the last weekend of August/ first day of September it is time to focus on some of the classics this city has to offer.

Unfortunately, the monthly English Pub Quiz at the Queen’s Head is on hiatus, since the reigning organiser is bowing out. The position is up for grabs if anyone wants to heroically save the event. Otherwise, we’ll just have to make do with keeping all our useless trivia knowledge to ourselves.

On the evening of Saturday 31st August, the Open-air Kino at Freibad Brauweg will be showing Bohemian Rhapsody (it’s a great movie).

On Sunday 1st September you can take a nice stroll through the flea market at the Wochenmarktplatz ,and search for curiosities and treasures. And naturally, you should make sure to stop by Eislust for a treat. Their new ginger ice-cream is a dream!

I hope that after reading this, you are as excited as I am to spend August in Göttingen and its surroundings, and won’t spend your weekends at home being bored, bingeing the latest Netflix releases (that’s something you can do in winter after all!), or worse: in the lab. 😉

Ronja Markworth

PhD candidate, Neuroscience, University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG)

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